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We Have an Opportunity!

In the two short weeks that we’ve been leading DLC (Discover Life Church) we’ve concluded that this wonderful congregation is on the threshold of a season of breakthrough and awakening. We’re more than certain that a great opportunity has been presented to DLC – an opportunity to respond to the invitation of Holy Spirit. He…

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Feeding Season

As you may well know, my writing has been somewhat infrequent this past month.  I haven’t been writing as often as I used to in the past.  The truth is that I believe I’m in a feeding season.  As people of the Kingdom and ministers in particular, we should always be in a state of…

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I confess.  I’m a very hardheaded individual.   My “hardheadedness” has caused me to neglect many opportunities.  And, as always, these are recognized by our infamous hindsight.  It’s in meditating on hindsight that we become conscious of our patterns of negligence and inconsistencies. Opportunities are more than advantageous chances or favorable conditions they are life tutors.…

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