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Surrender and Honor

What? Where?  When? How? And then finally, in fourth place, – Who? If this was an Olympic competition “who” wouldn’t even make it on the medal stand!  This is the usual order of priority we place the questions regarding our purpose and destiny. Yesterday, during our mid-week Family Night Bible Study, I defined the “Greatest…

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We are entering the second week of our Honor series.  I’ve never felt so strong about a sermon series.  Although I feel every sermon preached from our pulpit is a word from God, this message series carries a very critical timing to it. Sermons are like nutrition.  All nutrition is necessary; without it we die. …

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Beginning March 20th, we begin a new series that, I feel, will alter the life of our ministry.  I know that all sermons series are important; after all, they’re the spiritual food that brings us to a place of understanding and maturity.   But this series is more than that; it holds to key to the…

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