A Hollywood Disappointment

I’ve concluded that the movie industry has caused us to embrace a paradigm of desiring to live life in highlights. A movie has a way of combining days, weeks or years into a 2-hour drama or action-packed series of events.  And those are the best movies; regardless of the genre, it’s the ones that grab our attention and stimulate every emotion.  They’re the ones that make two hours feel like only five minutes.

A really good movie will always make life seem completely boring.

A large percentage of our population, at one time or another, has fantasized about vicariously living their lives through one of their favorite movies. Our imaginations become stimulated and, at times, run away with these thoughts. There is nothing wrong with that…

But here lies a problem….

The problem is that we develop a paradigm of desiring to live in highlights. As “drama filled” that our lives may be, it’s not a movie. Life doesn’t happen as fast as the moviesProcesses are not lived-out in minutes.  Victories aren’t experienced in a half hour.

Movies are NOT mountaintop living. They are highlighted moments. And although we all desire them, they can deceive us. They pull us away from living life in the valleys.

Valleys are monotonous. Valleys are boring and tedious.  Valleys are times of loneliness and weeping. And frankly, these are great times of development.  Most of our lives are lived in this mode. They only prepare us for our time in the spotlight – the mountaintop. Jesus lived thirty years in the Valley for a 3½ year highlight. That means that 90% of His life was in a tedious and mostly uninteresting state. And it was all preparation time to change the world.

Don’t fall prey to a Hollywood disappointment in your life. You have a story to tell. It’s forged in the valleys of your life. God is the Author of your life-story.  Life must be lived out! Let the history of your life be HIS-Story about you.

Blog entry #29 – Loving the Valley!

Tim Redmond – Highlight Reel

What a great weekend we had at Impact church!  It’s so encouraging to see the way the kingdom of God functions.  It’s all about connections and relationships.  We use the gifts the Lord has given us to improve the lives of people. And this is what Tim Redmond did this weekend.  He has deposited seeds of greatness that will be watered and cared for until we see the multiplication of its fruit.

I love highlights… whoever invented the highlight reel concept for news and sports was a genius!   Below are some power points highlights of our time with Tim Redmond.  Enjoy.

  • You are defined by what you pursue.
  • When we despise the gift God gives to us, we rob ourselves.
  • In the power to create wealth, it’s not what you know but what you do.
  • Wealth is a creative process
  • Wealth comes to you if it flows from you.
  • The first verb in the Bible is the word “create” – since we were created in God’s image; we also have the power to create.
  • Wealth creates; Poverty reacts.
  • God has called us to place of poverty so we can change it.
  • We are designed to hover over messes in order to speak God’s creative power.
  • We need to quit reacting to challenges and start creating.
  • Wealth is created from your pain.
  • Your primary purpose for living is to be productive
  • The nature of wealth follows the nature of God.
  • The power to create wealth is a Holy process
  • The opposite of learning is blaming.
  • Learning goes inward and makes adjustments; blaming goes outward and makes excuses.
  • God’s gift to us is the Power to Create Wealth.
  • The power to create wealth is my primary purpose.
  • Value attracts; lack of value repels.
  • Value creates.
  • Wealthy opportunities look like messes.
  • Abundance and poverty is not substance or lack thereof; they are mindsets.
  • Worship is value.
  • Wealth is co-creating with God to wow other people.
  • Business is the most vivid demonstration of God’s creative compassion.
  • The currency of the kingdom of God is connections.
  • Wealth comes by increasing the quantity and quality of transactions between others.
  • To be “fit” in the kingdom is to train our eye to see how God sees things.

Anxious to read your thoughts,

Pastor Manny