Layers of Lies

I’ve come to realize that the revelation of God’s truth is revealed to us in the removal of layers of lies. The first truth (the most important one) is coming to the knowledge and belief that Jesus is the way, truth and life and that He must become our Lord and savior.  Once that is believed and accepted, it gives us entrance to heaven.  And from there, we get to choose the level of freedom we desire to walk in. It’s possible to live as captives in the land of promise – to have a ticket to heaven while our souls are in prison. 

“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

The concept of freedom is quite simple.  Freedom comes from truth. When we find truth, we find freedom. To live in truth is living in freedom.  But, in order to steward freedom we must accept the responsibility to always keep truth centralized. “Knowing” the truth requires intentionality on our part. The word “know” is the word ginōskō, which means to recognize and to become acquainted with.  Biblical “knowing” requires more than intellectualism, it requires relationship. And it’s a constant relationship with Holy Spirit that begins to remove the layers of deception and lies. 

The demonic kingdom is a kingdom of lies. Lies operate in darkness but truth operates in light.  Lies are exposed when truth is recieved.  Truth dispels the darkness (demonic influences) and illuminates our lives with the veracity of God’s purpose and will for our lives.

So, how do we remove the layers of lies and deception?

  1. God’s Word. The more you study it, the more truth enters your mind. Let it challenge you. Submit to it.
  2. Humility.  Humility is an attitude of submission to God that weakens the grip of lies.
  3. Transparency.  Transparency is humility 2.0; it’s humility in action when confronted with truth.
  4. Confession. It was through confession we received our salvation and it’s through confession that we dispel lies and enter into His truth. James 5:16

God desires for us to be free so we can live life here on earth in abundance. Living in freedom is a journey and the removal of the layers of lies is a process.  My prayer is that we allow God to bring us into a place of freedom so He can use us in a greater dimension. 


It’s The Truth…

Jesus said it in John 8:32, ”The truth will set you free…” I’ve seen God’s truth materialize in people countless of times.  It’s brought great freedom to people I know and to my life as well.

I’ve also heard people say, “Before truth sets you free, it’ll beat “the hell” out of you!”   And rightfully so, “Hell’s thinking” doesn’t leave our minds with ease; its surrender doesn’t come without a fight from us.  But its only in the surrender of our hearts that truth brings forth its freedom.

So why is it that some people are able to handle the truth and others cannot?  Why is the truth abrasive to some and to others quite liberating?   I read a quote the other day that, I believe, spells it out for us.  I’m not sure who it’s from but here it is … Two people hear the same truth, one is offended and the other is set free.  A PURE HEART always hears the truth as freedom. 

For what its worth, the filters of our hearts must be redeemed.  It’s only in the purity of our heart’s condition and motives that we are able to hear the truth and experience freedom.   An impure heart will always be exposed when the mind is offended by the truth.  But freedom awaits a heart of a person whose mind is set on Him alone.