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Having Fun with the Family 101 Series

I’m really having a lot fun preaching with my wife.  The Family 101 series has been enjoyable and very interesting thus far!  I tell you… she can preach!  When I married her I married the whole package… looks (she’s flat out fine!) singer/musician, a great discerner, a great mother, an organizer, an interior designer, and…

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I’ve received several good reports about our current message series, FAMILY 101. I can truly say that my wife and I are really enjoying working together on this.  This year we celebrate 20 years of marriage and it seems like the more time we’re together the better it gets! We decided to do this series…

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I’m very excited about this coming Sunday, we begin our Family 101 series. My excitement grows for a couple of reasons – My wife will be joining me and we’ll execute this message series as a team (Pastor Victoria really is a good preacher!) It’ll be a series of messages that will revolutionize marriages and…

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