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The Power of Expectation

We were all created with the ability to expect. There is power in expectation.  Expectation is the catalyst to desired outcomes. The foundation of our expectation is faith and hope. And from that foundation, expectation becomes the channel God uses to establish his kingdom through us.  Expectation fuels and empowers us to manifest God ordained…

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BIG MO is on Our Side!

“It’s great having BIG MO on your side!”  Those were the words of a former baseball teammate in college.  BIG MO is also known as momentum. When a team arrives at a place of unity, confidence and strength, it develops momentum.  When this occurs, everyone is in one mind and one accord.  And everyone is…

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As a man trying to move forward in his calling and purpose, one thing I really struggle with is disappointment.  And after much thought, I’ve come up with a conclusion. A disappointment is a state of attitude or feeling.  It’s a state of “being let down,” a feeling of sadness and frustration. Unfortunately, there has…

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